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5 Easy Ways For Agents To Stand Out From The Crowd

By May 31, 2012July 3rd, 2014No Comments

by Verl Workman via RISMedia

There are unique differences between the average and the exceptional agent. The simple question today is: “What are YOU doing to STAND OUT?”  Here are some ideas to make you stand out….

1. Establish yourself as an expert in your community. Embrace social networking and utilize social media tools and blogging to provide real, valuable information that stimulates conversations.

2. Learn to sell. Sellers want agents who understand the dynamics of the sales process and can move buyers to take action. As real estate professionals, we are trained to provide expert assistance on transactional matters, as well we should, but sales training is the missing link to creating exceptional agents and companies. Sales means prospecting and presenting better than your competition, finding workable solutions for your clients’ problems and winning the business.

3. Create an elevator pitch that describes your value proposition. Practice it with other agents in your office and be ready at a moment’s notice to state what makes you different.

4. Borrow brand equity. This is a simple concept that was taught to me by companies like Nike and Apple. Both companies have great products, but by working together, they create even stronger market share and brand awareness. Agents borrow the brand equity of their companies and companies borrow the brand equity of their agents who have the direct relationship capital with the consumer. If you are affiliated with a “Power Broker,” make sure you borrow the brand equity of your company to give greater credibility to your value proposition. Also, utilize the brand equity of organizations such as RISMedia’s Top 5 in Real Estate Network®. This membership group sets you apart from the average agent and, in conjunction with your company brand, will help you establish an unfair competitive advantage.

5. Market yourself differently. The same old forms of marketing don’t work. You have to stand out and be bold and clear with what makes you different. Then you have to get that message out through new media resources, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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