Common Misconceptions About RE/MAX

RE/MAX’s reputation is built on empowering agents to run their business as they see fit while leveraging the most recognized real estate brand in the world. RE/MAX’s renowned technology and training is designed for veteran agents. This means we don’t require attendance or participation because we trust our agents to do what is best for their business. Together, we are partners in each others’ success. But, when you get to the top, detractors will talk. Here are three of the top myths and misconceptions you may have heard about RE/MAX.

Too Expensive

At RE/MAX, you typically pay your fair share of office overhead and receive the high-commission split RE/MAX built its name on. Look at what you’re leaving on the table now. Then calculate how much more you’ll keep with RE/MAX and the business you’ll earn with services focused entirely on increasing your business. A RE/MAX office owner or manager can give you a straightforward review of the numbers.Put the value of RE/MAX to work for you today.

Lack of Camaraderie

The energy in an office filled with high-producing agents is contagious. Agents thrive on everybody operating at a level that keeps the RE/MAX brand synonymous with experience and results.The result: Fun, friendships and exchange of tips and insight stun the newly affiliated, who typically haven’t experienced such an open, shared focus on success.Experienced agents concentrate on their client base. Repeat customers are the norm. That unique position enables RE/MAX agents to enjoy competing with each other – and not worry about competing against each other.

Lack of Support

RE/MAX gives agents the freedom to work at your best. Nothing is forced. You choose the support you want. This doesn’t, however, mean you are on your own. We offer:

  • Innovative technology and tools.
  • Industry leading training programs.
  • Inhouse agent websites and training programs