Learn from the industry’s best trainers

Learn what they don’t teach you in real estate school: How to conduct a rewarding and profitable business, not just sell real estate. Top real estate coaches and top-producing RE/MAX Sales Associates provide practical guidance via on-demand videos, webinars and classroom sessions to put you on the road to success.

Benefit from the wisdom of real estate trainers such as Brian Buffini. Get valuable, down-to-earth advice from top-producing RE/MAX Sales Associates. Gain insight on strategies to:

  • Create a marketing mix that keeps leads flowing
  • Build a business plan that actually builds business
  • Move your social networking beyond chat to transactions

Tom Ferry’s Sales Power gets you started right

Tom Ferry’s Sales Power for RE/MAX will show you how to diversify your lead generation, increase your skills to win more saleable listings and create certainty within your business. The training includes:

  • Strategies to generate more referrals online
  • Becoming an appointment setting machine
  • Mastering the buyer presentation
  • Creating a powerful listing presentation


Use Brian Buffini’s Peak Producers to build a thriving business by referral

Peak Producers is a dynamic, step-by-step activity-based sales training program that teaches the fundamentals of working by referral. It combines video-based training from industry expert Brian Buffini, role-playing exercises and action steps – all for a comprehensive, practical learning experience.

Great for new and experienced agents alike

No matter where you are on your career path, Peak Producers will show you how to increase your personal and professional effectiveness, provide excellent customer service, market to your clients and build a loyal client database (who will refer you!). You’ll generate a steady stream of high-quality referrals and grow a built-to-last business as a result!


buffini-top-producerYou’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of working by referral
  • How to proactively build your client database
  • How to take your database of existing relationships and create advocates that will refer you
  • How to make traditional real estate lead-generation activities like floor time and open houses effective tools for building business
  • Practical selling skills such as presenting your services to buyers and sellers
  • Targeted dialogues to build relationships, generate referrals and close more sales
  • How to easily and consistently market to your database – you’ll stay top of mind with your clients