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VoicePad HomeBuyer411…a better way!

By May 10, 2011No Comments

Call 704-367-4444 and try it yourself.

Voicepad Buyer 411

Try it now. Call 704-367-4444

VoicePad® HomeBuyer411™ service gives you the confidence to empower your buyers to search “on their own.” Simply register your Buyer’s mobile phone number(s) and e-mail address so that they can search the entire local inventory from their own mobile phone! Your buyers simply dial your system phone number and enter the house number of any listed property in which they have an interest.

They’ll hear updated bilingual property information and receive a follow up e-mail with a link to the property page on your website! Registering agents (only) are provided a record of their Buyer’s activity. Stop wasting your valuable time and gas driving potential Buyers around town.

To serve:

  • Work more buyers simultaneously
  • Utilize mobile automation to attract more qualified buyers
  • Fully bilingual (English and Spanish)

To protect:

  • Protect your buyer leads by registering their mobile phone number(s).
  • Never hear this again, “I just didn’t want to bother you so I called the listing agent.”
  • Effectively incubate buyers of a long period of time.

Incubate your buyers:

If your prospects stop looking for property, but re-engage 3 months later — Buyer 411™ lets the registering agent know that their prospects have re-engaged.